Saturday, November 6, 2010

My take home quiz answers.

Chapter 1 Answers.

1.5) Two Songs that Interwove.
The Song of Evil- the music of the enemy, of any foe of the family, a savage, secret, and a dangerous melody.
The Song of the Family- It means clear and soft.

1.11) The people knew his ignorance his cruelty, his avarice, his appetites, his sins. They know his clumsy abortions and the little brown pennies he gave sparingly for alms.

Chapter 2 Answers:

2.7) The Third and Fourth Song.
the Song of the Pearl- In the song there was a secret little inner song, hardly perceptible, but always there, sweet  and secret and clinging, almost hiding in the country-melody.

2.9) Chance was against it, but but luck and the Gods might be for it. And in the canoe above him Kino knew that Juana was making the magic prayer, her face set rigid and her muscles hard to force the luck, to tear the luck out  of the God's hands, for she needed the luck for swollen shoulder of Coyolito .

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